The City of Frederick is governed by a three-member city council, and one of those council members is the chair, serving as mayor of Frederick. The council meets at 7 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month at the Frederick Community Center.
Current council members are:
Scott Campbell – (605) 329-2030, Chairman
Troy Millard – (605) 329-2761
Jeff Kosters
Frederick City Office – (605) 329-2242
    Office Hours – Monday, Wednesday, & Friday – 9-12 noon
    3rd Saturday of the month – 9-12 noon
Finance Officer: Jen Morlock (605) 329-2242 or email
Assistant Finance Officer: Mariah Heine
City Utility Manager:  Richard Bakeberg (605) 329-2367
Frederick Community Center: 329-2162 or 329-2073
Other important numbers are
  • Frederick Ambulance: 911 or 329-2021
  • Frederick Fire Dept: 911 or 329-2021
  • Brown County Sheriff: 911 or 626-7100

The Emma Burnham Library is also funded by the city of Frederick.  It provides a great service to the local community and is conveniently located on Main Street. Be sure to check it out if you are out and about town.