Luxuries of Small Town Life

   Frederick, South Dakota, with a population of around 250 people is a fun, friendly town in northern South Dakota.  There are a number of luxuries of small town life in Frederick SD.
  • We have no stop lights.
  • You’ll likely NEVER see a traffic jam.
  • We have very little crime.
  • There’s a welcoming attitude.
  • On a walk, even as a stranger, you’re sure to get a wave, a smile, or even a friendly hello.
  • You can likely walk to church, the park, your bank, the grocery store, a baseball game, the school and the local restaurant/bar without breaking a sweat.
  • And the list goes on….
    Frederick is known for its excellent school, its Finnish heritage, and the nice, quiet Simmons Park where the Maple River runs through it. While we aren’t bustling with growth, our population seems to be holding steady.
    There are about 180 students in grades K-12 walking through the doors of the Frederick Area School district.  When school is in session there is usually more activity in town, school bus stops to look out for, and a more consistent schedule for families has returned.
     Pheasant hunting is a big industry in the area and across South Dakota.  That season is of course, is followed by deer hunting which is also a highly anticipated event for those that love the outdoors.  There are many people in the area that host pheasant hunters from across the United States.
     In June of each year the annual Finn Fest is held which celebrates the communities Finnish Heritage.  It is a fun anticipated event by community members and visitors alike, despite the fact that the Finnish is not even the dominant local heritage anymore.  It is our hope that when visitors reflect on their time in the area they will say, “Wow, what a friendly, neat, little town. I can’t wait to go back.”