Frederick Elementary Blue Ribbon Award

FASD Earns US D.O.E. Blue Ribbon School Award

The Blue Ribbon School Award is a National Award that reflects high testing scores. All schools, from private to public and anything in between, along with elementary, junior high, and high school can be in the running for this award.

Frederick’s own elementary

school was awarded this National Award as an exemplary high performing school. Out of the 342 schools who received this award, there were three in South Dakota all of which were elementary schools. Of these schools, Frederick was the smallest in student body to receive the award.

The school was nominated for this award by the state last January which was followed by a lengthy paperwork process. Mrs. Ringgenberg and Mrs. Tschosik traveled to Washington D.C. on November 6th and 7th to receive a plaque and flag for this great accomplishment. A local awards and celebration was held on November 16th at the school.

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